Ben Jenett | Center for Bits and Atoms |


I'm a PhD student at the Center for Bits and Atoms, and a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow (NSTRF)
Before that, I did a Master's of Science in Civil Engineering at MIT.
Before that, I did computational geometry for structural engineering at NOUS engineering
Before that, I did digital fabrication of large scale art installations at Ball Nogues Studio
Before that, I did a Bachelor's in Architecture from UC Berkeley, and did some architecture at Lundberg Design
Before that, I was from California.
In my spare time, I like to drink espresso, listen to disco, and play with my dog Yoko
See below for descriptions of my past/current research, here's my CV
Feel free to contact me at See ya!


Generally, I work on the design of high performance structures, robotic systems for their construction, and novel applications in real world environments.
More specifically, I work on structural-material (metamaterial) systems with unique properties, like having high specific stiffness at ultralight density.

These structures can be programmed to have certain behaviors, which can be desirable for numerous applications, like a morphing wing.

Lastly, task-specific robots can be designed to collaborate and assemble structures of potentially unlimited scale.

So, I work on design, analysis, simulation, and prototyping of these structural-material systems, how to leverage their properties to achieve novel performance, and how to realize these structures (at scale) via custom robotic platforms.


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